Baby Safety Harness Leash Kid Anti Lost Wrist Traction Rope Band Toddler Security Outdoor Safety Bracelet Safe Cord Child Safety

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Features :
Keep your kids at safe distance with the professional hand leash, while letting them explore the world around them.
Little kids like running away from their parents, with our exclusive wrist link, they will not be able to do that. The cord of the children leash extends up to 1.5m meters, while the double velcro assures no escape from the cuff. enjoy your walks with no worries at all.
Care Tips: 
1.This wrist harness is only used to keep the kids from losing, it cannot prevent the kids from falling on the ground and can't be used for training to walk. 
2. This harness has the elasticity, it will have a mutual pull between kids and parents when wearing it. So when going out, parents should keep following the kids closely to avoid the pull making kids lose balance and fall. 
3. In order to prevent the kids from running away before you, we suggest the parents should wear the item first, next the kids wear it, and then you can go together. 
Specification :
Suitable age: suggest for children aged 3 and over
Material: Faux Leather+Wire,The environmentally safe,No pollution to human body
Length: app.1.5M/59.06''
Color: Blue,Orange
Quantity: 1 Pc
Package includes:
1 x Kids Anti Lost Wristband (Without retail package)