1pc Silicone Baby Pacifier Infant Nipple Soother Toddler Kids Pacifier Feeder for Fruits Food Nibler Dummy Baby Feeding Pacifier

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Packaging:1pc* baby pacifier

Material: food grade PP, food grade silicone

Instructions for use:

1. Cut fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods into strips or sheets:

2, open the silica gel filter:

3, put the cut food into the filter:

4, fasten the handle to allow the baby to enjoy food:

5, after the use of food slag can be poured out.


1. Clean the product before use and use steam or boiling for 3-5 minutes to sterilize.

2. The amount of water should be sufficient when boiled and sterilized to avoid deformation of the parts of the product when they come into contact with the high temperature of the bottom of the pan or pan.

3. When loading vegetables, meat, and fruit, remove hard objects such as nucleus and bone.

4. Must be used under adult supervision.

5. The color and shape of this product are based on the actual product.